Unreality flashed before me as I ventured forth–beyond the deep, meaningless darkness of space, there was a light; dim, but unmisatakably there, waiting to be discovered.

My fortunes had altered and here was the visual representation, the evidence, the proof. Good nor bad, really; impossible to draw a definitve line in this implausible situation. Nonetheless joy remained ever-present within me as I moved closer.

The light was conscious. Or was it more than that? It offfered no signs except dormancy yet I could tell–I knew immediately–that this orb before me had life. It was transmitting its every possibility, all of its fate, and I could feel it all deep within my roots, as if I was an intrinsic part of its history.

The realisation stood clear before me, like the light itself; I am become discoverer of reality; I am that which starts it all. The following moments were a cosmic dance of light and ecstasy as the orb began pulsating, expanding and intensifying. I merged with it, freeing my inner desires into its space. I left everything of me inside, all of my beingness was intertwined with the light, and I saw myself for the first time, beautiful and terrifying in equal measure.

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